The 1922 & 1924 Haverford Records of Edward & Lawrence Taylor

The 1920 Philadelphia Folk MONOPOLY Game Creation Story

MISSED A MONOPOLY CHANCE by Lawrence Newbold Taylor

 Lawrence (Larry) N. Taylor responded to a newspaper article regarding the fictional Charles Darrow monopoly creation story. He wrote a letter-to-the-editor of the Sarasota Herald-Tribune titled "Missed A Monopoly Chance" that was published Sunday, August 12, 1973. 

His letter centered around the hand made monopoly game that he and his brother Edward (Ted) Allinson Taylor created in the fall of 1920 after they were taught the game during the summer of 1920 while staying at their cabin located at the Pocono Lake Preserve, PA. 

Larry wrote about their game's history and attributes that clearly identifies The 1920 Philadelphia Folk MONOPOLY Game.  


Rexford (Rex) Guy Tugwell from the Wharton School taught Larry and Ted Taylor the game of MONOPOLY in the summer of 1920.